Da Nang Red Cross Vocational Centre

Established in 2005 as a school and a community centre for youth who suffer from various disabilities (muteness, deafness, intellectual delays, learning disabilities, missing limbs, epilepsy), the Da Nang Vocational Center has helped over 200 youth over the years. The students, who receive free training, come from impoverished families in rural villages near Da Nang. The children receive three meals a day and it is possible for some of them to reside at the centre.

The Centre offers four main vocational programs: incense making, embroidery, sewing and screen printing.

Over the years, more than 55 children have graduated from the Center and successfully integrated into the community. Of that number, 33 children gained employment in the private manufacturing sector as well as the state. There are five graduates who are now married and have started a family. Graduates continue to receive support from the Center to ensure they maintain stable and fulfilling lives.     

Twins for Hope has purchased products from the Centre (incense sticks) and hopes to sell them for fundraising purposes.

To purchase incense, contact us!