Twins for Hope in the community: raising awareness

While in Vietnam, new situations always come up. Johanne has made a habit of visiting people in hospitals and take note of dire cases presented to her.

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Ms. Thi:

Ms. Thi lost both legs and parts of her buttocks to a shredding machine in the fall of 2016. When Johanne visited her in hospital in December, both sides were still in need of surgery to close the wounds. As of April 2017, Ms. Thi has been moved to another hospital and is still waiting for surgery. Once surgery is done, she hopefully will be able to sit in a wheelchair. Her daughter is a teacher and is struggling financially to support both her mother and herself.

To make a donation directly to Ms. Thi, please contact Johanne.

Brother Quoc:

Brother Quoc (1981) who lost a leg already and will see his other leg amputated next week (work accident). His wife left him for another man and he has to care for his 9 year old son. His house was sold to pay for the hospital fees. Money is needed for
– his son’s schooling
– his medical treatments
– a motorbike wheelchair.

Please contact Johanne to donate!


Sally is a 17 year old girl with plenty of learning potential. Her dream is to go to medical school. She is currently studying English, chemistry, physics and maths. Her monthly tuition fees are 1,6 million VND (roughly $80 CDN).

Sally lives with her mother (single mom) and a younger brother. They rent a house for 1,2 million VND a month. The living conditions are unhealthy and the house is a health hazard. Sally’s mother had lost her job as an accountant: to survive, she was feeding chickens in the house and selling them. I am told she has taken a loan from the bank to open a coffee shop.

Want to help Sally out? Just contact Johanne!