Johanne Wagner, Executive Director

From a very young age, I was drawn to people traveling the world to go bring relief to less fortunate people. I have always enjoyed surrounding myself with people from different backgrounds, learning and nourishing myself from our differences. I only gained enough confidence to take action in recent years, after the adoptions of our four little ones from Vietnam.

Seeing with my own eyes how simple small actions and gestures can change a person’s life prompted me to invest my time and energy to find a way for me to bring aid to people in Vietnam. I have traveled to Vietnam on numerous occasions in the last couple of years to volunteer and bring contributions donated from friends here in Canada.

My daughters, Binh and Phuoc, before adoption, while still in Vietnam.

Mom of 9, Canadian Army wife, trained teacher, advocate, and passionate about making a difference around me: this is who I am.

Twins for Hope was born from the desire to create a legacy for my daughters Binh and Phuoc… by helping children in Vietnam, one little action at a time. I am fortunate to be aided by my fantastic collaborator in the person of Kris Chung.

Creating Twins for Hope with Kris is a fulfilling experience and I can’t wait to see how much we will accomplish, with your generous help.


Kris Chung, Operations Director

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Kris Chung was born in Hong Kong on 8 Aug 95. He arrived in Canada two years later as a toddler, with his parents and older brother, and was raised in the beautiful city of Vancouver, British Columbia.

Kris enrolled in the Canadian Armed Forces in July 2014 and is currently attending training at the Royal Military Collage (RMC) of Canada as a 3rd year English major, in lovely Kingston, Ontario.

He is much inspired by the driven mentors he has encountered: veterans, Commanding officer RMC, musicians, and teachers from elementary and high school.

Although school and work occupies much of his time, he strives to make a difference in the world around him, as demonstrated in April 2015, when he donated part of his liver to Binh Wagner, a complete stranger, and changed an entire family’s life.

Kris’s short term aspirations include completing his training to become a Commissioned Officer and sent abroad wherever he might be needed so that he can “learn and see as much as possible”.

In his free time Kris can be heard listening to his music in his quarters at, likely, a volume that might be considered unsafe to some, while reading about anything that happens to feed his curiousity. And also naps. Naps are key.

Long term aspiration comes in the form of co-founding Twins for Hope with Johanne Wagner, as a means of giving back to the community. Being the live organ donor for Binh confirmed his desire to bring about positive change and has become a stepping stone for many more positive projects.

Vietnam is still a new, exotic and mysterious country to Kris, but he is both determined, and grateful, to have the opportunity to assist Johanne in this endeavour.

It is his hope that by bringing his story to the world, others may see the worth in their efforts and join them in supporting Twins for Hope.