Long Hải Vocational Centre

Long Hai 8

Long Hải Vocational Centre is a place of learning for abandoned or disadvantaged children and provides schooling for approximately 160 children from poor families in the local community. Without this free service, these children would instead be working, as their families cannot afford the costs of sending them to government schools.

Long Hải Vocational Centre also has a special focus on caring for mentally challenged children and providing vocational skills training to enable children to be equipped with a skill so they can be employable in the future. These skills include sewing training, motorbike repair, computer studies and hairdressing and beauty training.

While doing so, Long Hải Centre keeps a close eye on the children’s security and health by providing awareness for disease prevention, formal education, vocational skills training, fun and social activities, giving meals and teaching invaluable life skills.

Many of the children who attend Long Hải Centre have to travel quite a distance daily. Twins for Hope locally purchases bicycles as a safe means of transportation for those children.  Only 25 out of 160 children from the centre currently own a bicycle.

Twins for Hope also plans to build units to be used as temporary shelters for people who suddenly find themselves without a roof over their heads, until their situation turns around.