Lucky Fish Workshop and Job Centre (Cá may mắn)

Located 25km from Ho Chi Minh City, Lucky Fish was founded in 2011 and is a manufacturing plant that employs and helps disabled or orphaned people.  Lucky Fish aims to help those impoverished citizens by fostering a sense of independence.

After the Doi Moi economic policies of 1986, Vietnam is slowly progressing economically. However, Vietnam is still behind compared to developed countries and there are yet many challenges to overcome. Government support to disabled people remains insufficient and there are about 6 million disabled citizens out of a population of 89 million. Many of those disabilities are the result of Agent Orange, polio, motorbike accidents, professional accidents, etc.

The Vietnamese government is exerting efforts in adjusting the system of assistance such as establishing vocational centres. At Lucky Fish, the goal of supporting economic independence continues to uplift the spirit and financially support those disabled people. Lucky Fish currently cooperates with Japanese enterprises to receive technical guidance on making its products out of cardboard. Lucky Fish currently faces production challenges as the process is slow. However, the workers can now stay overnight and receive 3 meals a day.

Twins for Hope likes to encourage the workers by purchasing their products as a way to fundraise back in Canada. The Lucky Fish are made of tightly compressed cardboard on which layers of paint are meticulously applied by hand. They are made to resemble ”Tai” or snappers and are considered to be a symbol of luck. Lucky Fish are commonly seen in souvenir stalls of Pagodas and Shinto temples in Japan.

To purchase one or several Lucky Fish, please contact us!