Members of the Board

Elise McGrath

Elise McGrath of Twins for HopeElise McGrath has worked as a Child Care Worker in a Day Treatment setting for years, and loved every minute of it.

A resident of Gananoque, Ontario, Elise met the twins in September 2015 and she continues to love every moment she can spend with them. In her spare time Elise enjoys kayaking and tending to her pet family.




Elise McGrath with Phuoc Wagner



Véronique Bergeron

Veronique Bergeron of Twins for Hope

I am a writer and mother living in the Ottawa Valley with my husband and 9 children. I have a law degree from Ottawa University and a Master’s degree in law with a specialization in biomedical ethics from McGill University. I met Johanne 16 years ago when we both lived in the family quarters on the military base in Ottawa and we have been friends ever since.

I helped Johanne and Michael manage the Transplant Facebook page and media requests while they were in the eye of the storm leading to Binh and Phuoc’s liver transplants. Supporting Johanne and Kris’ work with Twins for Hope means a lot to me.





Mark Reaume

Mark Reaume of Twins for Hope

Mark Reaume has worked as a Financial Services Sales Professional for 30 years. He is a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) graduate of Carleton University in Ottawa and a native of Windsor, Ontario. Mark resides in Toronto.

Mark fell in love with the twins when their story first appeared on CTV news. That relationship grew through following their trials and tribulations on  their “Liver Transplants for our Vietnamese Twin Girls” Facebook page.

In his spare time, Mark likes travelling, golfing, and following his beloved Montreal Canadiens.



Joanne Gunning

Joanne Gunning of Twins for Hope

Joanne Gunning and her beloved dog, Annie.

Joanne Gunning, CPA, CGA retired in 2015 after a career in the financial services and accounting fields that spanned 35 years.  During the past 30 years she has served on several Boards of Directors for organizations in the non profit sector; generally in the role of treasurer.

In retirement she is enjoying more free time to hike with her dog, run the occasional road race, cook and read books that have nothing to do with the world of business!