Members of the Board

Elise McGrath

Elise McGrath of Twins for HopeElise McGrath has worked as a Child Care Worker in a Day Treatment setting for years, and loved every minute of it.

A resident of Gananoque, Ontario, Elise met the twins in September 2015 and she continues to love every moment she can spend with them. In her spare time Elise enjoys kayaking and tending to her pet family.




Elise McGrath with Phuoc Wagner



Véronique Bergeron

Veronique Bergeron of Twins for Hope

I am a writer and mother living in the Ottawa Valley with my husband and 9 children. I have a law degree from Ottawa University and a Master’s degree in law with a specialization in biomedical ethics from McGill University. I met Johanne 16 years ago when we both lived in the family quarters on the military base in Ottawa and we have been friends ever since.

I helped Johanne and Michael manage the Transplant Facebook page and media requests while they were in the eye of the storm leading to Binh and Phuoc’s liver transplants. Supporting Johanne and Kris’ work with Twins for Hope means a lot to me.





David Le

About us-Our Vietnamese Representatives-David KhiemDavid Le (Khiem) is a Bachelor of Economics and MBA degree-holder. He had worked for foreign-invested manufacturers since 2004 (textiles, backpack industry), then was employed as a Manager for manufacturing, trading and servicing companies. In December 2009, David started working on various projects and began to sit on the Board of Directors of Thien Thanh Nguyen Co., Ltd. (Vietnam).

He has gained experience in a variety of business operations and has held managerial roles within manufacturing operations (SMEs), project management, business development, sales, as well as strategies development. In 2016, he worked as the Senior Programme Officer – Business Integrity of an NGO in  promoting integrity, transparency, and accountability. This NGO’s contributions are critical in preventing corruption in Vietnam.

Born in Vietnam, he has deep respect for social initiatives that positively benefit the standard of living for the impoverished. To further progress, he firmly believes that the welfare of the disabled and the youth needs to be addressed. Furthermore, David believes in the old proverb, “if you give a man a fish he is hungry again in an hour, if you teach him to catch a fish you do him a good turn.”

David recently moved to Winnipeg, Manitoba, with his wife and twin girls. He plans to periodically visit Vietnam for business and family purposes.