Thiện Tâm Vocational Centre for People with Disabilities (Cơ sở Dạy nghề Thiện Tâm) HCMC

The Centre teaches the attendees sewing, and also how to make 3D animals made with a special paper from Taiwan.  The Centre supplies cloth motorbike face masks to local Vietnamese retail chains and can also fulfill custom orders through Twins for Hope to produce canvas shopping bags that will suit the needs of Canadian retail businesses. 

Here is the story of Yen,  who attends the Centre:

”When Pham Ngoc Yen was 5 years old, she got polio. She lives with her grandmother in District Binh Chanh. She was supported by a donor who gave her $25 USD every month to go to school. When she was in 5th grade, the donor quit, which lead to her dropping out of school. Her family did not allow her to go out after that. In 2007, she left home to learn sewing at a centre in HCMC.

She is not able to walk properly, so she crawls. In 2010, she learned of Thien Tam Vocational Center, and enrolled there. In the beginning, she had difficulty learning; in one day, she was able to make only two products but she was still patient. After 1 year, with a salary of $50 USD per month, she returned to learn an additional cultural class. In the daytime, she worked, and in the evening she went to school. After 3 years, now with a salary of $75 USD a month, she is in 8th grade. Her dream is to finish high school and continue on to studying Finance and Accounting to become an accountant in the future.”

Twins for Hope is looking forward to placing custom orders for canvas shopping bags from Canadian retail stores.

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