Twins for Hope would like to acknowledge its volunteers whose help is greatly valuable and appreciated!


Danson Nguyen

He has contributed to the making of the Twins for Hope logo and continues to help in matters related to image editing. He is perpetually enthusiastic and his involvement with Twins for Hope is very much appreciated. He is currently a 2nd year commerce student at the University of British Columbia. Danson grew up with Kris Chung in the same neighbourhood. As an native of Vancouver he is a loyal Canucks fan and enjoys playing hockey on his free time. 


Colin de Grandpré

My name is Colin de Grandpré and I volunteer for Twins For Hope in any way that is needed. I’m originally from Ottawa, but I’m currently studying in Kingston, Ontario at the Royal Military College of Canada. I got involved with Twins For Hope through my mom Véronique, who sits on the Board and has known Johanne for years. It’s a pleasure to help out with this awesome organization!


Linda McGill

I was born on Christmas Eve 1971 in Port Colborne Ontario, as the oldest of three siblings.  Growing up in a small town, family was everything.  In September of 1989 I joined the Canadian Armed Forces at the tender age of 17 and the word “family” took on an entirely new meaning.  During a cold Kingston winter in 1989 I met my husband Donald and never looked back.  More additions to the family came by way of a son, Ryan, in 2001 and a daughter, Rayna, in 2011.  It was during that year, we found ourselves posted back to Kingston where we met Mike Wagner, his wife Johanne and the children.  Oh the children!  Yet more meaning to the word “family” and such a welcome addition to ours!!  Becoming involved with Twins for Hope seemed like a natural extension of family.  A worthy endeavour, which to be a part of, is both an honour and a privilege. 


Morgan Hicks

Morgan is an immigration lawyer, military spouse and mother to her young son and daughter. She currently lives and works in Nova Scotia.  However, when living in Kingston, Ontario, her two children had a the great pleasure of attending daycare with Binh and Phuoc Wagner.  Through that connection, Morgan and Johanne met.  When Johanne shared her plans to found a non-profit organization that would provide medical care, shelter and other basic needs to children in Vietnam, Morgan was moved and offered to help. She has been honoured to play even a small part in helping Twins for Hope get off the ground, and is always inspired by the strength and determination of Johanne and Kris in making the lives of children better.



Huỳnh Thanh Tùng


Long ago and not far away, a young Boy Scout showed up at my door. I took an apple, gave him a bill and saw the happiest face ever. “It feels good to give something back to the community”, I thought to myself.
Being a free spirit, I always found great pleasure in entertaining and helping others a little here and there, without any commitment. Then came the story of the Wagners, Kris Chung and the twins…
Here I am now, trying to squeeze a little more sense out of my life… and it feels good.
Vietnamese at birth, Canadian since 1975, life couldn’t be any better.
Small business owner, drummer, gardener, a little bit of this, and a little bit of that.
Living one day at a time!